Mike Black-Borow (your new seniors' captain) will present the monies next Tuesday morning to the members of theMike B B first three teams from today's Texas Scramble, as detailed below; 
  • 1st David Blackburn, Joe Lavender, and Stuart Taylor -  £11 each with a 62.5 net points
  • 2nd David Preen, George Temby, and Tony Hogan - £7 each with a 63 net points
  • 3rd Peter James, Roy Jobson, and Tom Carey - £4 each with a 66.5 net points

We had some useful feedback on the website today from several people, so changes have been made to the speed and size of the 'scroller' and to the transparency of the pages so as to show the text clearer, Let me know if you would like anything else added or changed.

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